The Mastermind of BIG Collaborative Builds

In the world of makers, Jen Schachter stands out. With her visionary approach and unparalleled creativity, she’s redefining the art of making cool stuff, together!

Jen’s journey into the maker scene began in a Baltimore makerspace where she dabbled in furniture building and shared her expertise by teaching workshops. But it was her stint with Make Magazine that truly ignited her passion. Testing cutting-edge digital fabrication tools and writing manuals opened up new horizons for her craft.

Taking her skills to the next level, Jen ventured to the Bay Area, immersing herself in the realm of prop fabrication for Savage Builds—a show featuring none other than Adam Savage from MythBusters. Under Adam’s mentorship, she became a regular at his legendary Cave workshop and contributor to episodes of, crafting props and dioramas that left audiences in awe.

But Jen’s ambitions didn’t stop there. She embarked on a mission to share her knowledge, teaching workshops across the country – and even internationally, while also playing a pivotal role in organizing amazing events like SiliCon and Open Sauce Live.


Then came the pandemic, a challenge that Jen met with characteristic resilience. Launching her own online store, she introduced laser-cut model kits that were a huge hit! Yet, amidst her success, Jen discovered her true passion—creating immersive experiences that bring people together.

From illuminating the White House to sculpting monumental 3D-printed structures like the Rosie the Riveter Project, to her crowd-sourced build of a replica Apollo 11 Space Shuttle Hatch for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Jen’s projects are nothing short of spectacular. Each one is a testament to her innovation, commitment to collaboration, and the depth of her artistic vision.

And let’s not forget her appearances on the covers of Hackspace and Make magazine. Whether she’s rocking a towering Marie Antoinette wig or showcasing her latest creation, Jen’s presence is undeniably inspiring.

As for what’s next? Well, one thing’s for sure—Jen Schachter isn’t slowing down anytime soon. So, keep your eyes peeled. The maker world hasn’t seen the last of this trailblazer.

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