We are excited to announce that Charlyn Gonda will join us as a featured maker at the upcoming Miami Maker Faire. Charlyn is a coder by daylight and a maker by moonlight who enjoys creating unique, glowy art using various tools and technologies, including 3D printers, laser cutters, and microcontrollers.

Charlyn’s passion for creativity and innovation has led her to a successful career as a software engineer at Google and a former software engineer at Uber Eats. She has also served as a developer advocate for the Uber API, providing valuable insights into the tech industry and software’s potential impact on people’s lives. In addition to her software engineering work, Charlyn is an accomplished maker who combines her technical skills with her artistic talents to create visually stunning projects. Her focus on the intersection of technology and design has allowed her to build software and hardware that functions well and looks beautiful.

At the Miami Maker Faire, Charlyn will be showcasing some of her favorite wearable interactive jewelry, all of which will be glowy and most of them made with CircuitPython. Her projects are the product of her motivation to study the intersection between form and function, aesthetics, and user interaction.  Gonda advises aspiring makers to pick a dream project and start working towards it, breaking it down into smaller pieces and using online resources for inspiration and guidance. In addition, she encourages makers to embrace imperfection, learn from mistakes, and share their projects with others.

Charlyn Gonda is an inspiring maker – making a positive impact through her work and creativity. Her dedication to building software that helps people, her passion for making and creating unique projects, and her commitment to sharing ideas and inspiring the community make her a prime example of the spirit of the maker movement.

We can’t wait to see Charlyn’s work at Miami Maker Faire, and we encourage everyone to come check out her unique, glowy art and hear more about her journey as a maker.

See her Maker Page 

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