The maker movement has transformed the landscape of innovation and creativity by democratizing access to manufacturing and engineering knowledge to a broader audience. Mel, a maker and engineer, has been an active community member, contributing their expertise and creativity to many projects.

In a recent interview, Mel shared some insights into their journey as a maker, the challenges they faced, and the exciting trends they see in the maker community. When asked about the technologies and tools they use in their work, Mel said they like to play with cutting-edge tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and electronics. They also highlighted the importance of precision in their work, which allows them to ideate and bring their designs to life. Mel’s approach to using technology showcases the potential of digital fabrication and electronics for all makers.

Mel has faced several challenges on their maker journey, including difficulty accessing funding and resources for their projects and dealing with sexism and racism in engineering school. However, they have become resilient to these issues, using every opportunity to circumvent barriers to their goals. Mel’s determination and perseverance have allowed them to overcome obstacles and become a successful maker and engineer.

One of the most exciting trends that Mel sees in the maker community is the intersection of AI and making. They look forward to seeing more AI collaborations in conjunction with physical making and witnessing the “alien” designs that will come from it. Aside from working with AI, Mel also loves to collaborate with other makers from different disciplines. They like to start their collaborations with a casual conversation where they and their collaborator can spitball ideas together. Then they agree on tasks to split the work and check in frequently to ensure they are both supported in the build. Mel’s approach to collaboration highlights the importance of communication and working towards shared goals to create new amazing things!

For aspiring makers just starting in the field, Mel has the following advice: “Remember to be kind to yourself where you currently are and to continue pushing for what you want to build. For people who relate deeply to me and my experiences, I just want to say that you belong here and the maker community is more enriched with you around.”

Visitors to the Miami Maker Faire can expect to see Mel’s previous builds for Adam Savage, LookMumNoComputer, their fabrication design house, MKULTRA Industries, and some of their personal projects. They will also host a live coding jam at their booth, inviting visitors to code with them and learn more about their work. Mel’s participation in the Maker Faire highlights their commitment to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the maker community!

Check out her Maker Bio on the Maker Faire Miami exhibitors page

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